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The Career Coaching Package is for you if you need the sparring, mental support, and concrete advice from a career planning coach for in-depth reflection on your own life situation and career. You may have gone through a major life change, or you want to enlighten yourself on what your professional skills, strengths, and expertise look like and what would be the most appropriate career path for you.

The Service Includes

  • A survey where we map out your situation and wishes before coaching.
  • Three 45-minute meetings with a career coach
  • Work behaviour and personality tests
  • Concrete advice, tasks and sparring to strengthen your professional identity and career direction, as well as job search.

During the three personal coaching meetings, you delve holistically into your life situation, professional identity, and the change you need in your career. With the support of a coach, work behaviour and personality tests, you get new perspectives on perceiving your own competencies and strengths.

After the sessions, you will have knowledge of your own strengths as well as a brighter picture of your professional identity. You get more confidence in advancing your career as well as tools for sustainable career planning.

We always find out your individual situation before the actual meeting so that we can tailor the content of the coaching to your needs and choose and suggest the most suitable coach for you. If you wish, you can also let us know if you want a specific coach and we will do our best to get your schedule to match.

Kokemuksia palvelusta

Career coaching towards entrepreneurship

“It was at the three Lifeworks’ career coaching sessions I got my idea for my company sparred. After that, I started taking real action and now we are in full swing planning the new business. Career coaching helped me discover my strengths and take advantage of them and discover strengths that I did not know I had. I would say that career coaching was a turning point for me when I stood at the crossroads of my own career, which gave me the necessary courage to make decisions.”

Mia Santala, Helsinki

I got employed during the coaching process.

“My goal was to brighten what I want as well as see the different options. I got myself a great coach whose style and manner also worked well with my personality. During the coaching, I was able to remove the restrictions inside my head and got the confidence to be myself. I also managed to land a new job during the process, so the result was what I expected!”

Anne Kuutio, Helsinki

Career goals became clearer – that resulted in a new job.

“My goal was to clarify whether I want to focus more on management or expert positions in the future. Interaction with the coach was high since the first meeting and future goals were quickly clarified. After that, I got a lot of support and advice on how to get to my goals. My next recruitment process started already during the coaching and I received important encouragement from the coach in the process that resulted in a new job!”

Juha Räsänen, Helsinki