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You, who are a leader or becoming one, are you investigating new career opportunities? Or are you in need of advice and sparring to shape your career path? We are experts in modern leadership and career development and we are here to help and support you on your journey. We help you reflect on your capabilities, background and motivation. Thus, finding the development areas and career opportunities best suited for you.

  • Our promise: You discover new career opportunities and develop as a leader
  • Content: 2-3 coaching meetings, assessments and a digital career service
  • For whom: For current and future leaders who are in leadership or board positions
  • Duration: Flexible based on your situation
  • Pricing: 799 – 1199 €

Our executive services

Lifeworks executive coaching services consist of two or three coaching meetings where an experienced executive coach will systematically and thoroughly explore your individual situation. Together we find the most beneficial personal development areas as well as potential career opportunities. We are able to provide the coaching service in Finnish, English and Swedish. All our coaches have experience in direct recruitment of management and board members as well as leadership and management assessment.

3 meetings – Exploring new career opportunities in a leadership position, 1199 €

Are you wondering what your next move towards a new leadership position could be? What are your opportunities? If you would like to evaluate your potential based on your background, motivation and capabilities, this service is designed for you. In addition to the analysis, together we will also explore the market for such positions and make all the necessary improvements in your search strategy and tools. In practice, you will have three 1-hour meetings with an experienced Executive Career Coach and get 6 months access to Lifeworks’ digital career planning and training service.

2 meetings – Heading to a new leadership position, 799€

If you already have an idea of your next career move but need advice, tips and tools to make your dream come true, this is the service for you. You will have two 1-hour meetings with an experienced Executive Career Coach to shape up your career documents and search strategies as well as some practice for writing applications and succeeding in interviews. You will also create a marketing plan with a concrete contact list.

Want to know more or book your coaching sessions? Send us a message at lifeworks@lifeworks.fi and  we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our career coaching process in brief:

Plan your next move together with our Executive Career Coaches. All our coaches are experienced executive search consultants.

Service elements for the 3 meetings/1199€ service:

  • Defining your situation and needs prior to coaching
  • Three individual coaching sessions with an Executive Career Coach
  • Work personality and leadership analysis (included, optional)
  • Lifeworks’ digital career tools and trainings for 6 months

During the sessions you will elaborate on your working style, capabilities, work experience and your options and opportunities towards the next career move. Our career coach will work with you to brighten your career goals and help you define your dream job. As a result you will know how to:

  1. Create a compelling way to talk about your strengths and competencies and document them as well as how to create all the critical documents for career advancement.
  2. Create a marketing plan that makes the search process efficient and prepares you for interviews and all the other critical steps you find essential.

If your goal is to become a member of a board either in addition to you daily job or as a full-time board professional, our process and coaching can be tailored for that as well.

Work personality and leadership analysis are optional based on your wishes and needs. However, they are included in the package! This analysis helps you to clarify your strengths and find the most appropriate wordings for them. It might also reveal some motivating or demotivating elements that you should take into consideration when selecting your future jobs. Tests are all digital and can be completed remotely.

You also benefit from our digital training services that will be available for 6 months from the start of the coaching sessions. The digital service consists of online courses that will, for example, help you identify your strengths, create an impressive LinkedIn presence and practise for job interviews. After purchasing the service we will send you a link and more information on the digital service.

All our Executive Career Coaches have a comprehensive knowledge on the labour market as well as experience in business leadership on a practical level. They are modern leaders with vast networks in both Finnish and international businesses.

Our greatest intention is to know your needs and preferations before proposing the best coach for you. We try to tailor the meeting agenda and content to be a perfect fit for you. Your wishes for a coach will naturally be respected and we try be flexible with schedules as well. A remote way of working is also available.

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss the Executive Career Coaching further, please, do not hesitate to contact us at lifeworks@lifeworks.fi